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School Essays,

The Word 'essay' literally means an exercise in written composition expressing one's feelings and thoughts on a given subject in a familiar informal and pleasing way . Addison's essays are good models for students. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF AN ESSAY Unity : An essay has a beginning , a middle and an end , all helping to give it a unity. Order : The essay should follow a certain ordered line of thought and come to adefinite conclusion Brevity : Generally the school essay , should not be long and it should be a brief exercise of about 50 lines. Style : The Style of an essay should be conversational , easy, natural , friendly and familiar. 'simple thoughts clothed in simple words should be the Motto' The Personal view point : Give your opinions , otherwise the essay would be colourless : It is this feature that raises the essay to the level of art and literature Balance : The space devoted to the development of any idea should be proportionate to the importance of that idea in relation to the other ideas in the essay. A good begining : It Should arrest the reader's Attention and tell him what to expect A good conclusion : It is to be effective and Satisfying.

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